$2,222.00 AUD


In this 90 Day immersive course, you will reclaim your inner power, purpose, worth, spaciousness, and shining brilliance. Say goodbye to playing small and hello to a life of empowerment and fulfillment! Join a tribe of fearless women as we disrupt patterns, ignite vitality, and step into our true potential.

Experience the support and love that is really here for you;

  • We're cultivating alignment to our inner compass of truth, so that we can create more and more and more opportunities to be more fully, wholly and radiantly ourself.
  • 12 weekly 90min calls - for coaching, connection, integration, support. Each call will offer some somatic and breath practices, and a brave space for exploring
  • Each week I'm offering different embodiment and empowerment tools to help create your own embodied safety, presence, acceptance, allowance, attunement You receive audio and /or PDF and video guides for this
  • We'll create clarity on our intentions, our values, our desires
  • We're creating a rich community of engagement and support in an exclusive FB group, in which I also post daily inspiration, guidance and direction for living life as our own amazing art

Clearly in life, it’s impossible to focus on everything at once. 

This is about being devoted to simply taking the next step, with great love and presence.

I sense a deep knowing inside each of you to deepen in your own path , to deepen in your own leadership, your own humility, your own service, your own light, your own purpose.

I want to walk with YOU!

If you’re serious about putting your best foot forward personally, professionally and spiritually, you’re ready to truly step into embracing more/all parts of yourself, if you're ready to start living with more radical self love and acceptance, and grow into playing a bigger game and making a difference, rippling your light out into the world... and you are looking for support along the way – Let's go!

I’d love to support you.

Join me, join US as we grow and glow together, in full illumination!