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Rapt you're here with us

Ready to start really understanding
how to live your best life, with the
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Hi there!

Rapt you're here with us

Ready to start really understanding
how to live your best life, with the
most energy and vitality?
Then you're in the right place.

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I've got a lot of incredible things to share with you!

My name is Pia. I study and teach the fun(damental) aspects that drive life.
These are the parts of the whole that aren't commonly known or taught, despite decades of research behind them. My own decades of study finally led me to quantum biology, and once you see you cannot unsee - and nor would I want to! 

I want to live my very best life!!!! No doubt so do you :)

Modern life these days IS toxic - man made tech is a blessing, and a curse. How can we live our best life when our bodies are dealing with things it has never had to deal with before? 

Truths jump out when you are prepared to scratch deeper than the surface, and I realised everything that I was ever taught in school was... not quite right.
In some cases, quite wrong!

You may have also noticed that part of why our current paradigm is so broken is the lack of root cause awareness and truly holistic knowledge

I believe it is why we see so many issues across our globe, and across all populations, particularly related to energy, focus, attention, and dis-ease of all types.

I also realised that how I used to treat people in my various career trajectories; 
Skin Therapist, Body Worker, Reiki and Energy Healer, NLP Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Naturopath, Breathwork Facilitator, Educator, Author, Podcaster 
could be vastly improved by knowing what I know now.

Much of true history, and the best science and research , has been kept hidden from those who do not search. 

It's why I am now teaching them FOR YOU!

I'm standing stronger, taller and more confident than I ever have in my life because embody what I teach - these wisdoms are profoundly life-changing. 

Imagine living a balanced life, able to work with modern life 'toxicity' in new, powerful ways so that you can build and maintain full, flowing energy, vitality, and optimal health...

This masterclass series will equip you with the knowledge to make this dream a reality!



Unveiling the Missing Pieces:
An Amazing New 3 Part Paradigm Shifting Series

Do you feel that despite 'advancements' in healthcare, in coaching and other personal development industries true wellness across all dimensions remains elusive?

That disconnection, dis-ease, fatigue, overwhelm, obesity, hormonal issues, anxiety and depression are escalating?

It's time, now, to uncover and truly understand the cutting edge research, and the deepest truths of health, wellness, and wellbeing.

This series is for all professionals, therapists, coaches, trainers, biohackers and wellness advocates.

CLASS 1 begins 9-10:30am
Monday 17th (Sun 16th EST/PST) 
The Light & Energy Paradigm:

Bio-Electricity and Bio-Photons

CLASS 2 begins 9-10:30am
Monday 24th (Sun 23rd EST/PST) 

Empower Your Life:
Master the Essentials of Mitochondria 

CLASS 3 begins 9-10:30am
Monday 1st (Sun 30th EST/PST) 
Foundations of Wellness:
The Science of Structured Water

Discover the profound, intimate relationship between light, water, mitochondria and magnetism in our bodies. These foundational elements are not only crucial for life but also pivotal in shaping how we live, work, play and heal.

Each session will provide you with tools and knowledge to cultivate energy and harmony in any field.

  • Enhance your vitality and inner balance
  • Empower your clients with advanced insights
  • Transform your perception and engagement with life's essentials

Not knowing this information is what keeps people stuck 'in the machine', imo.
These classes could be the most important learning you do all year!!!

Who else do you know that would benefit from this knowledge? Please share :)

All classes are LIVE
Monday 9am AEST
90min duration, incl Q & A

Monday 9am AEST converts to; 
Monday 7am AWST

Monday 11am NZT 

Benefit from the dynamic and interactive nature of live teaching, which can improve comprehension and retention, and allows for receiving immediate feedback on your thoughts, questions, ideas, and understanding.

All classes are via ZOOM (you will receive links prior to class). 
Ease of attendance, ease of use. Attending class or accessing your recording requires only a laptop or smart phone and an internet connection to attend class!

Recordings will be uploaded into your on-demand library portal ASAP after class finishes. You will also receive PDF copies of all my slides and an audio file of each class!

The Light & Energy Paradigm: Bio-Electricity and Bio-Photons


Empower Your Life: Master the Essentials of Mitochondria 


Foundations of Wellness: The Science of Structured Water

The 3 Best Classes Ever

Three epic classes delivered over 3 weeks

Video Poster Image

Get a sweet and spicy taste of what is to come by watching this video (or listen HERE)

This conversation is great, AND it's not a CLASS! Imagine how much MORE will make sense, how EVEN MORE understanding of how modern life is impacting your body and what to do about it, how EVEN MORE of living your best life will fall into place, how your AHA moments will run thick and fast and free in this series! 

You're welcome :)

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