Pia Kynoch

Hi, I'm Pia 

Multi-award winning skin therapist & educator,
industry leader, speaker, author,
multi-discipline holistic practitioner 
and trauma informed Naturopath.
I teach human body interconnectedness.

I am a woman on a mission to empower you! 
I help positively transform the way people think, live & treat

Every single part of you is intimately connected.
This means your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts need to connect & unify for you to truly thrive 

Holistic Education

Explore your internal world - body, mind and spirit. I base each of my carefully curated courses on scientific knowledge, research and personal experience.

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Work with me

Let me help you heal, skin, mind, body &/or spirit. Using my knowledge of corneotherapy, naturopathy and energetic treatment modalities to tackle your concerns holistically.

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My unique and powerful approach is heart-centered, grounded, practical, relevant, inspirational, and deeply rooted in science, spirituality and 5D business.

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