Hi, I'm Pia 

Root Cause Quantum Health Practitioner
Spiritual Naturopath  & Breathwork Facilitator 
Multi-award winning skin therapist & educator,
trauma informed leader, speaker, author,
multi-discipline holistic wellness coach
I teach human body interconnectedness.

I am a woman on a mission to empower you! 
I help positively transform the way people think, live & treat

I believe that every single part of you, your life, your relationships, your ancestry, your ecosystem, is intimately connected & related to your ability and capacity for thriving

I help create safe, supported pathways to illuminate, identify, acknowledge & transform the underlying causes, the roots of the issues, rather than only treating symptoms.

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Holistic Education

Explore your internal and external worlds - body, mind, spirit, energy. I base each of my carefully curated courses on modern scientific and ancient knowledge, quantum biology, huge amounts of research and a wealth of personal experience.

Online Courses

Work with me

We all have an incredible capacity for self-healing - it can just take some guidance, support, a safe space to remember your truth and power and ease, so that you can create the life you choose, in a body that you trust

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My unique and powerful approach is heart-centered, grounded, practical, relevant, inspirational, and deeply rooted in science, spirituality and 5D business. There are many ways in which I can help you illuminate where you are stuck, so you can find your flow, your passion, your creativity and fun again!

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I acknowledge Australia’s first nations peoples as the original guardians of the elements, animals, lands and waterways upon which we all depend.

I pay my respect to Aboriginal communities and culture,
and to the traditional owners of the lands on which I live, learn and work, The Wurundjeri People, and their elders past, present, and emerging.

Thank you

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