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My profound mission revolves around offering wisdom gained across my lifetime, creating the space for you to lean into a new path of life, living, loving, wellbeing and wellness.

My health coaching has the potential to provide profound shifts for YOU in perspective, lifestyle, and happiness.

Let's find ways to reconnect you with quantum coherence through all Four Aspects of Self – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
This is a holistic approach that ensures no part of you is left behind.

Central to my focus is circadian and quantum biology, structured water and mitochondrial function, nurturing nervous and fascia systems, somatic safety, mindset and emotional health, intertwining these essential elements of you within the intricate dance of the foundations of life - light, water and magnetism.

The journey of change starts with challenging and supporting change within your current ingrained beliefs, norms, and behaviours.

By seeking my guidance, you symbolise your readiness to mold a new reality, to engage with transformation. My welcoming sanctuary acts as a collaborative space where barriers have permission to soften or crumble, heart truths emerge, and personal power is reignited. It's a safe haven for self-discovery, growth, and the nurturing of the authentic self.

For anyone grappling with self-sabotage, fatigue, and the weight of overwhelm, who has a desire for Clarity and Purpose, for unwavering Empowerment and Confidence, for achieving Balanced Energy, cultivating Emotional Resilience, mastering Mindset, finding solace in a Supportive Community, embracing Holistic Wellness, asserting effective Time Management and setting firm Boundaries, nurturing Fulfilling Relationships, pursuing Professional Growth, and ultimately, crafting a life of Fulfillment... this is your space to start taking steps towards claiming all of this for yourself.

In the vast cosmos of aspirations, I stand as a North Star, guiding beautiful souls just like you towards sustainable transformation.

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Naturopathic remedies used in treatment

Mind/Body Wellness 

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Sound Healing
Qi Gong/Yoga/Reiki

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Business Mentoring
Corporate Wellness
Team Building Session

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Virtual Naturopathic / Wellness Consultations

Skin / Gut / Hormones / Inflammation / And more

I am absolutely different to most practitioners.

Please book your free 15min Discovery Call prior to booking with me so we can discuss how to prepare.

My wealth of knowledge runs wide and deep, and I have training in a vast array of areas applicable to different aspects of your unique health journey. 

I'm dedicated to helping people around the globe heal and revolutionise their lives in incredible, self-directed and consciously embodied ways, and my award winning skills span many disciplines; Naturopath, Quantum Biology,  Breathwork Facilitator, Holistic Skin Therapist, Body Worker, Light Worker, Wellness Coach, Feminine Embodiment Yoga, NLP, Functional Nutrition, Qi Gong, Reiki and Mindfulness, Somatic Therapies, trauma informed training.

My holistic multi-disciplinary approach is why I often look after complex cases.

This might be you - where you're at the end of your tether, feeling like you want to give up, or don't know where else to turn, perhaps you're feeling betrayed by your body and/or by different health professions.

Or perhaps you are just really keen to optimise your energy, health, wellbeing and vitality in all dimensions!

I am here to link together pieces of your history that other specialists/practitioners often miss, or don't know about, or don't know how to treat.

It is important that you feel aligned to me, and how I operate, which is why I invite you to watch my introduction video.

Your first, and ongoing, telehealth consultations with me will include a range of:

✨ Naturopathic care and recommendations (eg further functional testing)
✨ Identification of all types of inflammatory triggers - these could include physical system issues, lifestyle, environmental, emotional, ancestral/genetic, skin, nutritional, as well as limiting beliefs, fears, and more
✨ Analysis of blood test, and other functional tests (including genetic, and MTHFR pathways)
✨ Skin, tongue and/or iris analysis
✨ Body Systems Education - how & why it is functioning as it is, & what can be implemented to create your desired change
✨ Dietary changes, suggestions & support
✨ Supplement, Herbal Medicine and Flower Elixir scripts
✨ Ancestral Healing and NLP Timeline Therapies
✨ Spiritual and Soul Connection Coaching
✨ Embodiment and Emotional Identification
✨ Quantum Healing
✨ Mindset coaching
✨ Breathwork
✨ A free Human Design report

You will also gain a deeper understanding of how connection adaptations formed in early childhood relate to present day brain and body functions, and adult behaviour patterns.

I will share new resources to help you relate to the world, to yourself, and return to a felt sense of safety, security, availability when stress or trigger and/or trauma prompts insecure patterns to resurface.

If you have skin concerns as part of your current health issues, a detailed skin prescription will also be part of your aftercare plan, or discussions with your current skincare provider can be initiated.

Following your consultation, I develop a personalised, in-depth Wellness Map (your after-care plan!), designed as a long-term support resource that you can refer to for the rest of your life.

Each Wellness Map is unique and may include nutritional/supplements prescription, herbal medicine, energetic/emotional healing practices or other education to help you through your journey.

I may request functional pathology testing, or write referrals to other health professionals and medical practitioners if required.

PLEASE NOTE - All change requires being willing to challenge what we’ve previously learned (whether conscious or unconscious), what we currently believe, think, speak, and how we behave.

Shifting your health and wellness trajectory from less than optimal to thriving means learning to look at things from different perspectives, perspectives that may not reflect or match your current beliefs and life choices. So, by choosing to make this appointment, you know you are ready, you are choosing to create a new reality, you are making a shift, you are ready to begin making changes to your life!

This is why I have created a collaborative, loving, non-judgemental, trauma informed space. Together we identify the barriers keeping you from claiming your truth, power and light, from hearing and listening to your own inner wisdom and guidance, and celebrate each step you take towards living your most authentic, heart-centred, most vital and vibrant life!

Initial Session $299 AUD (70 min)

60min Evolution Session (follow-up) $199

30min Evolution Session (follow-up) $99

Each journey with me is different, however I have recognised time and time again that it is those who show up, follow their after-care recommendations and commit to regular sessions for a minimum of 3 months that are most successful long term. We will discuss your ongoing recommendations in our initial session, however as a guideline please expect 3 sessions a maximum of 4 weeks apart each.


Beginning this journey with Pia IS for you if…

You're a heart-centered kind of person who wishes to grow, learn, improve, even excel. This means you are open to sharing, asking for and receiving feedback, looking inward at how you can move forward, being guided and coached!

You have a desire to expand your perspective and grow your spiritual connection —in whatever shape or form that means to you.

You’re willing to accept responsibility for your health, for your beliefs, habits and actions, and are ready to embody your full, authentic essence.


Beginning this journey with Pia is NOT for you if…

You’re committed to staying stuck in your story of dis-ease, of victimhood, of procrastination, and you’re simply not ready to move forward.

You’re closed off to new ideas. You believe you don't have time, or resources to help you create the you you want.

You blame external factors for your health and don’t want to take ownership.

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Virtual and In-Person Experiential Immersives Breathwork - Sound Healing - Meditation - Movement

I offer a powerful heart centred, safe, supportive, trauma informed, shamanic energy healing space to facilitate the creation of unique and powerful flow states. These sessions are designed to guide you into accepting and allowing the transformational power and medicine of your own connection through body, breath, sound, touch, plus the healing vibrations of multi-instrumental soundscapes. These are the most natural medicines!!!

This is a truly holistic journey and experience of integrating and aligning your Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul.

Meet yourself on a deeper level, peel back the layers, access your own inner guidance and the innate intelligence of your BodyMind system to catalyse healing and transformation from the inside out.

Create new pathways of illumination, communication, processing, integration and evolution inside your being --> step into your truth, into your power, and create the clarity to move forward with more ease and flow and to live life in alignment with your Higher-Self.

During your bespoke, curated 1:1, couples, group work, corporate wellness, retreat events, in person or online experience you will be guided through specialised techniques, dropping you into a deeply introspective and transformational experiences, where you can safely explore altered states of awareness, intention, attention and consciousness.

You will be fully supported in integrating your journey and experiences.

I am trained in Yoga, Qi Gong and other embodiment practices.
I blend in Chakra Alignment, Light Language, Quantum Activations, and more.

Reclaim your Power, Your Expression, Your Truth and Your Heart

Realign your Mind, Body, Spirit and your Unique Frequency

Reduce anxiety, stress & quieten your mind 
Activate your inner guidance & strengthen intuition 
Restore balance, harmony, inner peace & emotional resilience 
Connect with your body, feelings, truth & Higher-Self 
Shift stagnant energy, blockages & suppressed emotions 
Increase awareness, clarity & understanding 
Reset & regulate your nervous system, promoting deep relaxation 
Explore your subconscious mind & identify limiting beliefs 
Calibrate your senses, increase presence and connectedness 
Open to joy, happiness, self-love and higher frequencies 



Breathwork, Sound Healing, spiritual and emotional work, Yoga, Reiki, NLP, meditation and any other form of alternative healing should not be construed as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician, medical or psychiatric physician, or replace any examination, diagnosis or treatment. Anyone interested in these services is also responsible for seeking the specific medical or psychiatric attention they need.

The information and content available is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, treat or cure any disease or condition. Individuals should consult a qualified health care provider for medical advice. Please remember that Pia is a qualified Naturopath and can support you in her scope of practice.

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Personal / Business / Team / Holistic Mentoring

Please watch the video below

A private, totally bespoke experience designed especially for you, your business, your team, your growth, your evolution. This is all about you, your needs, and finding out where the gaps are!

In this journey, we step onto a path of development and awareness that aims to identify and amplify wellness and wellbeing.

Sessions are focused on a range of topics that suit you, and your team. 

Pia offers her 28 years of industry knowledge, exceptional holistic education, experience, and business acumen to help you connect deeper with your business, yourself, your passion, your team, your tribe, your clients. 

As your personal development mentor, I can help you to see, and trust, the path ahead more clearly, to see, feel and trust who and what you want to be, to recognise the why of where you are right now, and how to create choices and availability to get to where you want to go more easily.

I am passionate about supporting you, and your team, in understanding, accepting, and embracing your wholeness, your life story as a springboard for your greatest work, and your uniqueness.

Each session is designed for you, depending on your needs - you can book me all day, or for part of the day, in an ongoing or once off format, online or in-person. 

Please book your free Discovery Call so we can chat about how I can serve you best


Request a FREE 15min call

FREE 15min Discovery Call

Need some support, more information, ask me some questions, or share where you're at? Not sure where to start, or how exactly I work, or if I'm actually the right fit for you and your needs? Request a call with me to discuss specific concerns, expectations, and preferences, and even if I'm not the right person for you I will do my best to point you in the right direction for your next steps!

I work with people 1:1, in larger groups, retreats, workshops, presentations, podcasts and more

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