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Hi, I'm Pia, the Spiritual Naturopath!

My entire adult life, and I am in my mid 40s now, I have delved deep into learning about the human body, our energy body, and the human psyche. I have travelled all over the world gathering powerful information, codes and wisdom from amazing masters. I show up for 'the work', and deeply align with the concept of trusting and allowing that everything is divine just as it is, and so is my (your) desire for more!!

I have spent more than half my life working with, listening to, and guiding other people. So blessed! I truly understand that we all have the capacity to heal ourselves on a multitude of levels... and, in fact, healing is simply a remembering of our own harmony and ease, it is re-establishing our own life rhythm.

I worked as a skin and body and massage therapist for over 26 years, integrated coaching (life coaching, wellness coaching, health coaching, emotional coaching!) and numerous other holistic disciplines along the way.

For those interested, I am a Cancerian Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn Rising (Libra North Node, Aries South Node), a Manifesting Generator 1/3 with a Right Angle Cross of Service, and Gene Keys 52/58/17/18.

My investment in education includes Beauty Therapy, Dermal Studies, a Bachelor Health Science Naturopathy Degree, Trauma Informed Breathwork Facilitator (Owaken), 200hr Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training, NLP Practitioner Training, Functional Nutrition, Qi Gong, Reiki and Mindfulness, amongst many, many others.

For those interested in my still current, or within the last 3years, studies;

I've accessed hundreds and hundreds of hours of class time through a number of different institutions and courses.
These include (but not limited to!); Neuroscience Academy, NICABM, Sounds True, Commune, MTHFR Australia, Designs For Health, also lectures with Dr Catherine Clinton,  Peter Levine, Irene Lyons, Deb Dana, Dick Schwartz, Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges, Bette Lamont, Aline LaPierre, Arielle Schwartz, Catherine Clinton, Rev Brianna Lynn, Cherionna Menzam-Sills, Holistic Life Navigation, Matias De Stefano and Yo Soy, Quantum Biology Collective, Feminine embodiment etc etc

One of my greatest loves is the Orgasmic Oracle Mystery School, an ongoing study and contemplation of the deep magic of our human-ness

I'm thrilled to have my ongoing studies spearheaded by Dr Aimie  in her Biology Of Trauma global Practitioner program, an intense and amazing 4 year certification involving all aspects of physiology and psychology and somatic practices, am also studying with Holistic Life Navigation and always have something else happening concurrently.


The more I know, learn and embody, the more I realise I'm just at the beginning 😂😮😍, an eternal student!

I have accomplished a lot in my life and am always thrilled to share the knowledge and experiences I have gained. Some groups I have had the honour of sharing with include:

Recent Awards:
2020 HOW Winner Wellness Specialist/Practitioner of the Year  
2020 HOW Finalist Wellness Trainer - Oceania
2019 Dermaviduals Corneotherapist of the Year Runner Up 
2018 Dermaviduals  Beauty Therapist of the Year award Australia and New Zealand 
2018 Dermaviduals Consumers Choice Australia and New Zealand Award 

Member of NHAA, APAN and ASDC.


My Mission is to inspire you to think physically, soulfully and environmentally, individually and globally… and this means thinking holistically!


When you broaden your perspective, when you become alive with curiosity and passion, when you are following the prayer of your heart and your unique creative expression and leadership you have the pure potential to positively change and transform the way you think, live and treat (both yourself, and others!).

I love encouraging, amplifying and co-creating a deeper and richer understanding of self, which I believe deepens and strengthens your connection to clients, your community, your family, your earth, in the most incredible and powerful ways.

I believe that deepening your understanding of self ensures you'll live a life of deeper meaning, purpose, passion and impact!   

This involves identifying what matters most to us, and finding ways to prioritise those things in our daily lives - setting WHY based goals, appreciating the journey rather than fixating on the outcome, taking inspired, heart felt action - or rest - towards living and being those goals (and reassessing as required!), developing a map of our own unique terrain, and building the tools and resources required to continue to accept, allow, trust and surrender to the journey.


Guides, mentors, and coaches are helpful for a number of reasons.
Some of the reasons you may choose to work with me include:

  1. Experience and expertise: I have a done the work! I have walked many paths, and learned many deep lessons. I have come out of the darkness to hold a light for those around me, so that you may see your own path more brightly. I'm a wealth of experience and expertise in many areas, whether it's a professional field, a particular skill or hobby, or personal development. My clients say that I provide valuable insights, advice, support, guidance, encouragement, skills, wisdom, clarity, and feedback (this is based on my own experiences and knowledge, plus all the gems gained from all my teachers),

  2. Accountability: I help my clients stay accountable to their goals and commitments. By checking in regularly and acknowledging the overall purpose and mission, and the commitments that match this, can help my clients stay motivated and focused on being their most accepting, compassionate self as they take each new step, as they forge new identities, as they transcend and transform.

  3. Perspective: providing a fresh lens, a reframe, as well as validation for all parts of the experience, on challenges and opportunities is invaluable. By offering an outside perspective, I can help my clients see things in a new light and find creative, innovative and effective solutions to problems.

  4. Support and encouragement: I offer support and encouragement in all dimensions, which I believe is SO vital as my clients are evolving and growing, This is a key missing step I notice in so many other places and spaces! When my clients are facing emotionally charged, overwhelming, difficult or challenging situations I can offer my ability to hold space, to witness, to see, to radiate wholeness, acceptance, flourishing in any state. I offer my authenticity, my vulnerability, my own journey into radical self love & compassion, as a source of love, passion, creativity, connection, safety, support, resources, tools, wisdoms, flow, inspiration, motivation.

  5. Growth and development: My clients feel I can help them navigate life and living in new, positive, helpful, long term and delicious, juicy ways! They can maintain their embodied growth and development in all different dimensions and areas of their life - professionally, personally, spiritually. 

    I'm here to help you reclaim your intention and attention, your power, your vitality, to release limiting fears, to align with your highest timeline of abundance, freedom, connection and joy, to guide you into self mastery, into full love and reverence of your bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), mastering the art of self regulation (so you can live free from painful drama and self sabotage cycles), to improve life skills, expand knowledge, and achieve full potential.

You will be grounded into your true worth, your vitality, your wellness, your authenticity.

You will remember that you have the ability to command miracles into your world.

You will stand in your power with confidence, clarity and purpose.

You will remember the truth of who you are.

I study, teach, share and live human interconnectedness and ecosystem wellness

Humans are connected to all life on Earth (and throughout this multiverse!) through a complex network of ecological, evolutionary and quantum/energy based  relationships.

Every organism on this planet is linked to one another through various interactions - atomic, elemental, ancestral,  genetics/epignetics, food webs, microbiome communities, mycelium networks, planetary cycling, ecosystems of deserts, forests, oceans and  more. 

Our ability to thrive, and not merely survive, comes from cultivating an awareness and connection to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, and a rich gratitude to the interconnectedness of all things.

I believe that thriving, vitality, wellness, are all characterised by a sense - a feeling, an embodiment - of balance, harmony, flourishing, nourishment, direction and purpose ... and we don't do this alone. Together we rise!


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