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Ready to revolutionise your approach to health and wellness? Join this brilliant 3-part masterclass series designed to support and inspire all beings, professionals in various industries, and the general public.

Illuminate Your Health: Mastering Light, Water, and Mitochondria

🌟 Discover how light, energy flow, water, and magnetism regulate ALL aspects of your biology. 🌟 Gain practical insights to transform your life and practice.
🌟 Feel far more empowered in your personal and professional journey.

Yes, I am absolutely IN!

Our entire body is a network of connections, from atoms to cells to organ systems & Earth's energy fields - all dimensions of our mental, emotional, physical, & spiritual planes.

We are a dynamic ecosystem living within and with other ecosystems, a functional continuum, a halobiont that interacts with both the inside and the outside, the internal and external, as one unit of the whole. This is why I teach holistic human body interconnectedness in all my courses.

I suggest beginning with Elevate and/or my Nervous System offerings, and then move to Chakra Exploration. The knowledge contained within WILL shift the way you think, live and treat in incredibly powerful and transformative ways.

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Rewire your Nervous System & Recharge your Life! Part 1


Our Nervous System is LIFE.

It is our communication point and compass of how we perceive and respond to life... the way it works dictates the pathway of health and/or dis-ease in our body, mind, skin, gut, immune and/or hormonal system, joints and more.

12 lessons, plus 3 bonus classes

$444 AUD


Elevate! An 8 Day Mini-Series that will help you create significant shifts

 "This is BRILLIANT!"

8 Days of quick, effective reminders, education, calibration and alignment techniques that will expand your self-help toolkit for life! This is for those with limited time, and a limited attention span, yet who have a deep desire to start creating change this has the potential to help you ELEVATE all areas of your life that you wish to, for only $88!
Yes I want 8 Dyas of Goodness!
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Nervous System Masterclass

A 'soft' start point to support you

These two 90min masterclasses will expand you! Gain a truly helpful and holistic understanding and appreciation of your Nervous System, somatic tools, your lineage history, your emotions, your intuition, your relationship with your body, yourself, others and the world!

$39 AUD⁠

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'Change your mind, change your life' video series


13 video teachings from Pia.

Includes two meditations, one exercise and seven expansive trainings to change your perspective and therefore your life!

​$149 AUD

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Holistic digestive intensive course

Holistic Digestive Intensive 


Join me for this value-packed course designed to give you a true 360c global Holistic journey into health, digestive function, nervous system, and how it links to the skin, other body systems, and our world.

This offering is everything you've ever wanted to understand about our human journey, wrapped up into 'easy to digest' lesson modules. 


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Chakra Exploration Course


Dive into the places within you where your soul consciousness is meeting and flowing (or not!) with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

I provide you with a doorway into enhanced self-awareness, mindfulness and a journey into self-mastery to allow you to monitor your own Chakra system and internal balance, or imbalance.

$444 AUD

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Pustular acne

Acne Short Course


As the 8th most common disease in the world, and with a ream of scientific investigation, why do you think there is no clear answer on its cause and progression?
I'll provide those missing insights...

$333 AUD⁠


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