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Our Nervous System is LIFE.

It is our communication point and compass of how we perceive and respond to life... the way it works dictates the pathway of health and/or dis-ease in our body, mind, skin.

There is a lot to unpack! I have mapped out a 12 lesson Part 1, with the focus being on experiential somatic connection daily practical resource/tools to use on the path of learning self-regulation and self-awareness, as well as lessons opening up your cognitive understandings.

Bonus Classes have also been added - you have so much powerful, transformative information to access here!

Your nervous system IS your body, far more than it is your mind - your body has been recording every experience of your life thus far, from pre-birth onwards. Your reasoning, logic and analytical brain develops much later. Your Nervous System is the record keeper connecting cells, tissues, organs, holding memories from my entire life, and imprints from my ancestral DNA. Your nervous system is the same. 

Symptoms that we may see build up over time in a dysregulated nervous system are;
Fatigue - Pain - Gut Issues - Skin Issues - Integration Issues - Withdrawing - Isolation - Depression - Anxiety - Overdoing - Hypervigilance - Dysregulated Emotional Outbursts - Postural Issues - Metabolic Disorders
and much more. All types of dis-ease are related to our nervous system.

As Peter Levine says, "Traumatic symptoms are not caused by the 'triggering' event itself. They stem from the frozen residue of energy that had not been resolved or discharged; this reside remains trapped in the nervous system where it can wreck havoc on our bodies and spirits."

Why is this information so important to know?

I believe knowing and loving our nervous system is the key to a great life, to being able to continue expanding and developing.

Have you ever had a moment working with a client who had been excited and willing -
and all of a sudden, something shifts?


Their body language changes, responses dull, perhaps their eyes glaze over... they are just not able to absorb the guidance/information you are giving.
They move into a frequency of unwillingness, apathy, or disconnection.

In that moment, you recognise that there has been a shift in your relationship,
your attunement, and your ability to serve.

Your client has likely slipped in to a reactive nervous system state and feels threatened on some level.
This is all subconscious patterning - and without learning the signals,
how could anyone (you, or they) ever know?!

Reflecting upon my 26-year career in the skin and beauty industries - then as a Naturopath, Wholeness Coach & Educator - I've come to realise how many times I'd missed the mark
with my clients really receiving what I was offering, including total alignment to my treatment plan,
simply because I didn’t know the cues of a DYSREGULATED nervous system.


Even though I was exceptional at my job - passionate, knowledgeable, up to date, empathic - I didn't know all the ways our nervous system dictates our life patterns, habits, capabilities -
even our own ability to remain connected, engaged, and curious with our clients.

If you are in the wellness/wholeness field, a therapist, coach or practitioner who holds space, connects and even shares therapeutic touch: I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of recognising, and skilfully navigating, our clients' nervous system responses.

This empowering, potentially life-changing client approach is possible, and starts simply with AWARENESS.

If you want to be that wellness professional, I invite you to join the new course I've created to help our community become more aware and empowered!


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