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As the 8th most common disease in the world, and with a ream of scientific investigation, why do you think there is no clear answer on its cause and progression?⁠

Recently I presented to the USA Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners "The relationship between Acne, Hormones, Gut and Skin, and the missing piece of the acne pathogenesis puzzle".

There is SO much to the story and to get long-term results it is important to look at all aspects of your client.⁠

Thinking holistically is a game-changer, and it's definitely a game that you want to play if you want to not only create a life-changing impact with your clients but also be a leader in your industry! 

I am ready now!

Wish you understood more about acne?

The why, how, when, where, what can be pretty complex without a very strong, and wide, foundational knowledge!

Acne is the No.1 skin disease in the world, and the 8th most prevalent disease globally ... imagine if you had a solid knowledge of the ins and outs... how could that change your confidence, your educational sharing, your business, how you help clients, how you transform skin?

Yet... Acne is so complex, would you agree?

Science certainly does - to date, there is no 'cure', no specific treatment protocol (internal or external) that is applicable to everyone, even though there are hundreds and thousands of studies, trials, experiments and practitioners. Acne's pathogenic mechanisms remain incompletely understood.. why?

What are the missing pieces? Explore with us!

This course is designed for those already with a working knowledge of the skin, who are open and receptive to stretching their current understanding, and who are so ready to change the way they think, live and treat in the most empowering ways!

I'm so excited to unpack a range of topics with you, including;

- Acnes types (including fungal, inversa, rosacea and vulgaris)
- Precipitating factors
- Skin function
- Pathophysiology
- Microbiome
- Exposome and inflammation
- Tight Junctions
- Signalling pathways
- Immunometabolism
- Diet, Nutrients, Herbs
- Picking, PIP, Scarring
- Hormonal influences
- Stress response, Psychology
- Emotions, Beliefs, Personality Types
- TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) overview
- Treatment Aims

I provide high value, thought-provoking, accessible and relevant information that will excite and inspire you. I want to fuel your passion for being the best you can be!

Join me!

Included in the cost are:

  • Three lessons provided by Pia Kynoch Holistic Education
  • PDF downloadable resources
  • Lifetime access to the course to rewatch at your choosing
  • Certification on completion of the whole course by Pia Kynoch Holistic Education

PLUS a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!*

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee because we are so confident that this profound material will change the way you think, live and treat. If, for your own reasons, you complete this course, all the content and quizzes, and access support via the FB group and still find that nothing has shifted in your perception of health and health treatment protocols we will happily refund you the course investment.

Yes I want to uplevel my knowledge now!