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Nervous System Masterclass

This 2 class series is being shared to empower you with your health, your history, your emotions, your intuition, your relationship with your body, yourself, others and the world! 

Pia will give you a rich framework for understanding your nervous system - how it develops, factors that impact it over the course of your life, habit formation, unconscious imprinting and so much more.

This is ALL NEW information;

  •  Somatic resources/tools
  • Understanding Neuroception and Interoception, and what they mean to your body every minute of every day
  • What is sensory overload?
  • Learn to know your Window of Tolerance
  • What is the meaning of regulation, co-regulation and self-regulation, and why are they so life-changing?

Receive immediate on-demand 24/7 access to 2 90min classes

This is vital information if you, or your clients, struggle with; 

  • Healing and transformation
  • Feeling safety in self expression
  • Resistance to deep change
  • Being present, grounded, available, flexible, calm
  • Anxiety, worry, stress, fear, or emotional overwhelm 
  • An inability to stop, to fully rest, slow down, take it easy (always on the go, over-committed)
  • Feeling consistently fatigued and exhausted (wired and tired, or totally spent)
  • Self-validation (ie always seeking externally to 'be enough')
  • Depression, numbness, a sense of separation, loneliness, lacking drive and motivation
  • Being overly controlling, micro-managing, judgemental, critical
  • Looping in issues, staying stuck (or one step forward, two steps back) despite intellectual understanding of 'what to do'
  • Skin/hair issues of any type - eg acne, accelerated ageing, psoriasis, dermatitis, alopecia
  • Digestive issues of any type - eg GERD, leaky gut, IBS, SIBO, pain, constipation or bloating
  • Chronic health conditions, including autoimmune issues  
  • Sleeping issues of any type
  • Chronic injuries, inflammation, pain, aches, muscle tension, TMJ issues
  • Past wounding, experiences of adversity and/or trauma 
  • Being triggered easily/often

If you desire to live your best life, to understand yourself and others in an empowered way, then this 2 part masterclass is absolutely for you, and makes a PERFECT addition to the Rewire Your Nervous System Course