Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine and Mitochondria!

Feb 13, 2024
What could the traits of masculine/feminine have to do with our DNA?

Just as a little intro -

the concept of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies refers to the balance and interplay of qualities that are traditionally associated with masculinity and femininity.


 These energies are general concepts AND NOT limited to gender but I believe can be found and embodied in individuals of any gender who activate these traits.

Divine Masculine:





Logic and Reasoning




Stability and Support


Divine Feminine:










Emotional depth

The concept of masculine being linear and feminine being circular is often used metaphorically to describe certain characteristics associated with each.

The masculine linear nature represents qualities such as structure, action, and logic. On the other hand, the circular nature is associated with femininity, symbolising qualities like connection, intuition, and receptivity.


When these energies are in balance, we can experience a sense of flowing energy, wholeness, flexibility, resiliency, adaptability and harmony.


However, when there is an imbalance, it can lead to various challenges and imbalances within individuals, and in society as a whole.

We can see a refection of masculine and feminine energies working together inside our cells, too. And, just as we see externally, there can be harmony ... or dis-ease.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) differs from nuclear DNA in several key aspects, including structure, inheritance, and function.
Here are some of the main differences:

Mitochondrial DNA is circular, while nuclear DNA is linear

Mitochondrial DNA is strictly maternally inherited, meaning it is passed down from the mother to her offspring. In contrast, nuclear DNA is inherited from both parents
Mitochondrial DNA encodes for a small number of genes (13 proteins, 22 tRNAs, and 2 rRNAs) that are essential for the function of the mitochondria, which are the major communicators and connectors of our body.
In contrast, nuclear DNA contains the majority of the genes that determine our different traits and characteristics
Mitochondrial dynamics are supported by the linear protein cytoskeleton, specifically by actin and microtubules which are strong protectors and organisers to the shape of the mitochondria.
Actin filaments are involved in mitochondrial motility, and they are used as tracks for mitochondrial movement. I view this as the masculine holding space for the feminine to flow.
Actin dynamics facilitate mitochondrial fission and fusion, where mitochondria come together to join in a bigger network, or split apart. This level of responsiveness, of contraction and expansion, requires both masculine and feminine harmonising to work well!
Mitochondria help make heat, which is typically associated with masculine YANG energies. The actin is made form protein that must be digested by the stomach, a yang organ.
Mitochondria also make water, a very feminine YIN substance. Have you heard that water can hold thoughts, emotions and memory?

Mitochondria also act as a social network by communicating and cooperating with each other, both within and between cells. They exhibit group formation, interdependence, synchronisation of behaviours, and functional specialisation to accomplish specific functions. Those feminine traits of listening, observing, responding and collaborating!

There's just so much that amazes me about our body, and all the miraculous parts that create our wholeness 🙂
I'd love to know how this share lands for you!
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Knowing more about mitochondria is opening a true gateway in longevity, health, regulation, energy and wellbeing (so I am sure you can understand why I am so passionate about it!)

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