What does Holistic mean?

Jan 31, 2020
🌿The word “holistic comes from the Greek word holos, meaning ‘entire’ or ‘all,'”, so when I refer to holistic treatment approach I simply mean I am seeking to understand and treat the entire person, not just a single symptom or body part.
You are not just a 'leaky gut', or a 'person with acne'.
🙏As simple as the approach may sound, holistic practice is actually not so simple! There is much to consider. Instead of focusing solely on single biological systems (such as just your skin, or just your gut), a holistic practitioner will look at your lifestyle, self-connection practices, your habits, nutrition, mental health, on top of understanding the integration between ALL of your biological systems!
♋️Every single part of you is intimately connected. Understanding these connections and how they are working within YOU requires a fair bit of detective work.It takes an unraveling of your very personal and unique health history to work out what your very unique and personal triggers for inflammation/dis-ease in body are, to discover the best approach creating your personalised treatment plan that strongly resonates and is achievable.
💗A holistic practitioner can expertly guide and work with you to tackle numerous challenges that may be presenting now, or that may unfold during your treatment journey...But remember...
That just like any great relationship it is symbiotic in nature!
💫This means that YOU need to place consciousness, awareness and effort into maintaining a good working balance between your mind, body, and soul.I believe in seeking a practitioner who truly loves inspiring you to up-level and align with your highest physical, emotional and soul vibrations, empowering you to enjoy the best version of yourself through eye-opening education - this will create a deeper understanding of self as you move through your treatment journey, and this is how real change takes place.
✨Rather than SEEKING or STRIVING for healing and being busy MAKING ‘healing’ happen, a holistic approach encourages you to drop the tension and resistance to ALLOW and RECEIVE your wellness.
💗Your clever, wise body knows EXACTLY what to do to re-align. It just needs to remember, and to have the resources available to be able to do so!
Your intuition will become stronger as your health improves, and thus your inner instincts will guide you even more as you create more inner connection and self-trust in your body.Basically, your holistic health team are simply here to efficiently remind you of, and enhance your body’s already wonderful capabilities!